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07.07.2018 17:14
How would iOS and its apps scale to different screen sizes? Antworten


Right now, Apple only has two different sizes of iOS devices... iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Devs design their apps for either size which means that apps always look like they're designed for the screen size they're on. They increased the iPhone resolution once already and did it in a way that allowed them to keep the UI looking exactly the same, and they're going to do the same for the iPad now if the rumor mill is to be beleived.Android on the other hand is of course available on umpteen different screen sizes and apps do not always scale that well to the bigger size. For example, some apps made for phones look weird and "stretched out" on a tablet. Lots of dead space between buttons, etc. Other apps won't work if your phone is too small. None of this would fly at Apple, I don't think.I think they'll have to answer to the competition from 4+ inch android phones sooner or later, so let's toy with the idea that the next iPhone will have a bigger screen with a narrower and taller aspect ratio. How would iOS scale to that? Obviously, apps like Safari and Mail wouldn't have a problem, especially if the width would stay the same since they'd just increase the amount of space between the toolbars and call it a day... but what about apps and elements designed for a certain screen size? The Timer tab in Clock on the iphone, to take one example. Apple would either let a bigger iphone have some useless space between the UI elements, or re-do the UI a bit and cause some fragmentation between different screen sizes.And what would they do about the horizontal keyboard? All Apple keyboards right now are identical except for the F keys on the 11" air, so reworking the iphone keyboard wouldn't be very Apple-like... but they'd have to do something, obviously. What do you think a 4" or bigger iphone would look like?

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